Listen, you don’t need to be a cartographer to make maps. In fact, I’m not a cartographer and the last time I was building a map was years ago if ever. I’m not talking about a regular tabletop grid map. I’m talking about a map that will guide us through the campaign. So, what’s the logical thing to do? To jump head first into cartography but with a catch! To freshen things up, please read through the conclusion of the last post, here. This’ll give you the necessary insight what we’ll do with our very own map. How does the peninsula of Crognar’s Rock look like? Why is it important for us to know that? Well, it’s fun to do, a creative challenge and in my opinion, a great way to add your flavour. There are a lot of guides that I’ve found talking about “How to build better fantasy…Continue Reading
Listen up. It’s time for some preparation. In the last post, which you can find right here, we established what we need to build a campaign. Reading through it, you’ve decided on a setting. With that, you chose your vision. I go even further and say that you decided on an essential part of the campaign. And while at it, please subscribe to the newsletter to keep up with the progression of how to build a campaign. You want your players to experience a grim and stormy ascension to the castle of the big bad. The storm and howling wind take a toll on their ability to see. They become slow and exhaustion takes control. It’s no wonder, your players endured the battles leading to this point. Even if they’re exhausted they’re determined. This is essentially a version of a vision that gives us enough to work with. Enough even,…Continue Reading
First of all, establishing work environment. Where are we? Right now, sitting on my favourite sofa, we have two at home. One older than time and the other one green in a red room. I don’t know what you’ll make out of that but isn’t that the beauty of imagination? Sitting here is not enough. I need my dice — for good luck — the books that I’m currently reading as a sort of mental anchor and of course the draft and vision of Crognar’s Rock. This sets our stage to delving into. We are now sitting here to discuss a very important matter. Dungeons and Dragons? hmm… less and less, but technically right. Actually, what we will discuss today is how to build a campaign. In the last post, I was honest to you and told you my darkest secret. If you haven’t read the post yet, please do so by…Continue Reading