Ahhh… Coffee, brewing in the background: CHECK. PHB and ideas, bundled and ready: CHECK. Occult Knight: ERR… not CHECK.

Only five minutes until I can enjoy a nice cup of black roasted nude coffee. By the way, yes, it’s called nude coffee and no, I’m not sponsored by them, although I’d wish. Today, I really need some strong and good coffee. This has several reasons. One of them is the current state of events on the site and the other, projects running.

It was a long weekend, I tell you. Sitting here and recapping feels good and heavy. Just like the coffee, ready to be drunk! Except for the heaviness, that coffee is seriously light. Anyways, whenever I write like this, I know that I’m good. In good spirits, high intensity and generally in a good mood. Why is that important? It’s important for me because I wanted to get a lot of things done over the weekend. I didn’t. Otherwise, I would pound out the next episode of the Crognar’s Rock series and work on the further projects I want to bring you.

Instead of boring you with details, I want to tell something of relevance. Right now, I see that things are moving on the site. Things are moving on Twitter as well. Actually, I’ve been thinking of splitting my account into a personal and a professional to keep the slate clean, making it more accessible for viewers to actually find stuff on the uwgt page. And of course, to banter along with my twitter friends as myself.

I also have been tinkering with the possibility of Twitch and Youtube. So, this really leads us to the main topic at hand, the State of Events.

State of Events

Ok, where are we now? We are here in the midst of may. Working on the latest instalment of Crognar’s Rock and on the Fighter Archetype: Occult Knight. Virrah is in the making, soon to be released. Namely in a couple of days. It takes a little while because I still didn’t find a way to include the Vanguard into Crognar’s Rock. If you have an idea, I would be thankful if you could point one out in the comments below.

Either way, a lot of things are happening and in the last post about Crognar’s Rock, which you can find here, and I’m beginning to understand my own narrative. I see how I can actively work with worldbuilding. A topic very dear to me for many years. It has been the subject of my studies many years ago. Honestly, what makes it a bit difficult for me is the rapid progression.

Not too long ago, I felt shunned for even expressing interest in D&D. Ok, one could argue that I shouldn’t care about what others thing. But I do, especially since those are close to me. And only recently, did I rip off that band-aid of seeing flaws in D&D to justify my disposition against it. Just to be able to work with it again.

Naturally, that means for me confront myself and people with that. I catch myself sometimes pondering whether it’s the right thing to do. Meaning, to actively pursue working with worldbuilding, D&D, quest and adventure concepts and so forth. I feel a bit disgruntled because there’s so much out there addressing the experience and GMing side of tabletop RPGs.

Consistency and messing up

Yet, I don’t feel connected to0 close to that content. At least not to all of that content. Crognar’s Rock is actually my tool to explore my own lacking proficiency. Also, to find what I really like doing with it. That’s the same with writing.

The last week, I’ve been writing full-time on the peninsula that’ll turn into a huge mini-campaign. I didn’t expect it to happen this fast and I didn’t expect it to be this intense. Mind you, I love worldbuilding. If I could I would work full-time on it! (that’s where we’re heading!) But where is the value of work if it’s unorganised? Every step being sappy and sticky. Dangerous to traverse, like an unpaved path through a thick jungle.

I’m working on the consistency of content every day. But honestly, right now, I fail at it. Pretty much close to rolling a 9 on a DC 10, if you know what I mean. But now with some people reading these pages, I feel obliged to be transparent and direct about recent fuck-ups. Namely, the Occult Knight who should have been out over the weekend. It didn’t come out.

One day too late. It’s still in the first version and it’s currently a work in progress. The feedback I’ve received makes it a lot of fun to tweak it and to build it further. The topic at hand, however, is something else. Promises delivered to late are not promises anymore.

That’s something I really don’t like seeing. Telling that I’ll do things and then not be doing them. The reasons are irrelevant because I believed that it’ll get done easily. My own actions are to blame because I could have turned the rudder at any moment. I’m sorry about that.

If you’ve followed since the beginning, you probably noticed a lot of changes already. While filling the site is a slow and gradual process I’m very happy that consistency comes into play. And to be perfectly honest, It takes a while to find my own “voice” in this. Writing has not been a strong point for me. Like, ever.

What to expect

With the writing and the structure, we have a clear red thread to where to progress. Namely, Learning to get a groove with writing. Pretty much as we do just now. And structuring the building process of content. Content is not just content. Here the big question is how to separate in-depth mechanical aspects from plain just-came-up-with-this-concept. 

I have a couple of ideas that I include in the next posts for Crognar’s Rock. Also, building slowly random tables and easy to use info sheets to access information about the campaign.

Apart from that, I also want to focus on the characters of the Vanguard. Poor guys have been waiting for quite a while now to get their shine… I really want to tell their stories and show you what they’re all about. So, that’s in the making. To set a schedule for them would be quite foolish though. I don’t want to run into the same problems as in the weekend…


Plus, I realise where I have to learn. Considering how fresh and new everything is, I commit to it as much as I can! Which will mean a couple of hiccups, missed steps and stumbles along the way. If you’re ok with that, then I’m okay with that.

The goal is to create a world building empire and a steady source of personalised RPG content. Wow. Saying it like that made months of work so much clearer.


Putting things into perspective and trying things are really the way to go. Apart from the RPG content I want to produce, the worldbuilding I want to write about and the general ideas for the future, things are happening.

Sorting out how to become truly consistent is on the main course, followed by polishing up of the social media pages. I’m maybe even showing face! YT here I come! But before I can commit to that, little and big things must happen first. Crognar’s Rock, the Vanguard, content Tables, art for the site building more stuff that you and I can rely on. Oh, and of course the refurbishment of the podcast. I’ve been trying a couple of things and slowly find the groove with the new narrative.

What does that mean? On some clean bullet-points it would look something like this:

  • working on Crognar’s Rock
  • planning when to insert the members of the Vanguard
  • figuring out how to create some really good art for the site
  • refurbishing social media for superior interaction
  • dabbling into youtube and twitch to see what that is all about
  • rebuilding the new podcast

So, summed up, that’s the current state of events. My plate is full and I really enjoy working on all things. It’s by far not easy at all times but that makes the challenge even more interesting. I’ve learned so much form the Twitter crew and that just strengthens to build uwgt into something that is serious.

With this in mind and in heart, it’s time to get to work. Also, as mentioned before you can find nude coffee right here.


Thank you for your time and patience. Upcoming content will blow your mind! To keep up to date with the development it would mean a lot to me if you subscribe to the newsletter.
Also, if you have any suggestions for content you would like to see, let me know in the comments below. That would help a lot! Thank you and see you in the next post.

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