Come up with 33 names. Put them on a map. Naming the cities, regions and land formations. What will you use? A name generator, right? NO! Instead, create your own names. The tools and resources you can use for random creation are endless. Endlessly shallow as well. While there is a place for name generators, I think they shouldn’t be used all the time. Let me explain. In today’s post, I want to explore how far we can go to name the regions and cities of our campaign. The reason why we do that is to flex our creative muscle. Our goal is not to come up with the best names but rather, the most reasonable names. Creating context, just like in the last article about the civilisation of Crognar’s Rock. You can probably guess already where we’re heading. In the last few days, we built something from scratch. Every step…Continue Reading
Why would anybody go lengths to adventure into unpaved and dangerous jungles? Riches of course. Civilisation seeking the riches of mystery and treasure. Nowhere will you find more awe and wonder than in places you haven’t been before. Or at least, that’s what most adventurers think. Most who are zealous enough will gather groups and teams to adventure with. But just as with the Californian Gold Rush in the 1840-50’s, those who made the greatest riches were not the adventurers. The ones selling shovels made the riches that built cities. Crognar’s Rock is a peninsula with a vast jungle vegetation. What is defining are the mountain formations and the thick forests making it difficult to traverse with ease. At the same time, the naturally given land formation gives many opportunities for secret places. With monsters and animals inhabiting greater parts of those jungles, it doesn’t seem appealing to venture in…Continue Reading
Before I sat down today to work on Crognar’s Rock I had to think about my childhood. When I was a child, I built. I wanted to become an Inventor. That’s was my main focus. I didn’t really know what it meant. Nor could I grasp the full concept of it. The only thing clear was to make things! Creativity was one part of that. I played a lot with lego, so inventing was early given. Years went by and I was growing into a teen. Then it hit me. I could combine my love for games with my inventive nature. Game-Design! The obvious choice, right? As it turned out, yes and no. I could have never guessed that it would revolve around tabletop games. Trying to convince myself that video games are the only games. Struggling a lot with effort and focus for something that was ultimately not that interesting for me.…Continue Reading